On Thursday, there will be a break in our schedule from 2:30-4:30. During that time, we are offering the opportunity to enjoy an excursion to any of the following local attractions. A shuttle and tour guide will be provided.

cardine studiosCardine Studios

In 1991, Fr. Patrick founded Cardine Studios, a blacksmith shop that specializes in custom hot-forged metal work as well as highly crafted fabrication. A tour of the shop’s grounds will be given, and participants will have the opportunity to see completed creations and works in progress.

Molon LaveMolon Lave

Molon Lave is a local vineyard owned by a Greek Orthodox family, dedicated to producing hand-crafted wines by means of traditional European techniques. The grounds of the vineyard offer beautiful views of the Virginia countryside. They offer wine tastings on a daily basis throughout the summer.

Old Town WarrentonOld Town Warrenton

Old Town Warrenton is a beautiful, well-maintained historic district. Main Street is filled with museums, local shops, coffee houses, and bakeries. One of our parishioners will lead a brief tour of this lovely locale.

Moo ThruMoo Thru

If you have any interest in well-crafted desserts, you will certainly appreciate a visit to Moo Thru, the local ice cream shop owned and run by dairy farmers. Their freshly made blackberry, peach, and dark chocolate are superb.