Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What kind of weather should I expect?

Answer: Northern Virginia is usually hot and somewhat humid at the beginning of August. However, the church is extremely well air conditioned.

Question: What will we be eating?

Answer: The church community will be preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner—every meal from dinner on Tuesday, August 9 through lunch on Friday, August 12. We are dedicated to making each meal delicious and satisfying.

Between events, there will be coffee, water, and other refreshments available in a hospitality room in the church.

Question: If I forget something at my hotel, will I have to wait until the evening shuttle to retrieve it?

Answer: You will not have to wait. There will be shuttle services available to each hotel throughout every day of the conference. If you let us know you need a ride, we will provide one in a timely manner.

Question: Do I have to go on an excursion?

Answer: No. Excursions are just offered for those who are interested. If you would prefer to relax at the church or in your hotel room, both of those options will be available. The church community will prepare a hospitality room with refreshments and comfortable chairs for those who wish to remain.

Question: How can I get in touch with other attendees who might be interested in sharing a hotel room?

Answer: We will be happy to assist you in coordinating lodging with other attendees. Please send us a message through this page indicating your interest. Please be aware that we will distribute any contact information you provide to other participants in order to help them coordinate with you.

Question: What is the address of the conference location?

Answer: St. Patrick Orthodox Church is located at 6580 Balls Mill Road Bealeton, VA 22712.

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